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2021 Solo Exhibitions

Kasseler Kunstverein Museum Fridericianum, Kassel (GER)

KIBLA, Maribor (SLO)

National Gallery, Sarajevo (BIH)

Acb Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2021 Group Exhibitions

Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale School of Waters
EVROVIZION “Crossing Stories and Spaces”, touring exhibition by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)


Mercedes Matrix

Performance, 2020

Mercedes Matrix, depicts the performance with my family where we destroying the status symbol of capitalism the Mercedes Benz on Kampnagel Piazza in Hamburg.


Through the act of demolishing the valued vehicle we co-opt the mechanisms of performance to transform my family’s manual labor into art.


My family has depended on converting metal waste into a resource to support the well being my family. I am utilizing this very same labor by showcasing working bodies earning a living through the realm of contemporary art.

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No Space

Performance, 360 Video

The work “NO SPACE” is superpositionally about every possible space and about all possible people. The main idea of the work is to bring the world back to thinking about the physical realities of Earth by visualizing how space and belonging are conceptualized today.

My body occupies a space larger than a virtual Earth, and as small as your phone screen.


Simultaneously, I claim that there is no space for anyone but me while performing visually that there is always more possible space on Earth than any image could possibly claim.


Many of us are affected by capitalism’s images, due to capital’s disorganizations of physical reality. Capitalism makes images that make physical work invisible. In response, workers, protesters and I wear high visibility neon.

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A Pink Room of Her Own

Installation, Performance, 3D Print

In this project, I am serving as a lens that focuses on the concrete and significant details of my mother's past, possible and actualized dreams.


I worked together with my mother, reconstructing the memories of her desired rooms from the childhood that she never experienced.


My mother's childhood was lost due to child marriage at age 13.

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