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The work NO SPACE

is superpositionally

about every possible space

and about all possible people.


The main idea of the work is to

bring the world back

to thinking about the physical realities of Earth

by visualizing how space and belonging

are conceptualized today.


While using a virtual planet

And making my body both

bigger than the Earth,

And as small as your phone screen

I am questioning our conceptions of

physical space and personal belonging.

Paradoxically using an image of my BIG BODY to claim that there is no space

for anyone but me


While performing visually

that there is always

more possible space on Earth

than any image could possibly claim.

Many of us are affected by capitalism’s images,

due to capital’s disorganizations

of physical reality.


Capitalism makes images

that make physical work invisible.

In response, workers, protesters and I wear high visibility neon.

With so much impossible invisibility

of physical work,

the most direct artwork,

visualizes the physical work

of constructing impossibilities.

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